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Transforming Inland Revenue Te Whakahou i te Tari Taake

What's changed for businesses

The latest improvements to myIR that will make tax simpler for you are here.

Changes to myIR

Below are the changes we've made to services in myIR.

"My GST" is now "My business"

The My GST section has changed to My business. You're now able to:

  • File, pay and amend fringe benefit tax (FBT), gaming machine duty (GMD), and portfolio investment entity (PIE) returns.
  • Include attachments when you send us a message.
  • Register for and cease your account types.
  • Continue to file, pay and amend your GST.
  • Continue to file your employer returns as you normally do.

"Look at account information" has changed to "Accounts"

Balance and transaction details can be found under the relevant account (tax type) in the Accounts section of My Business.

"eDocuments" has changed to "Correspondence"

This is where you can find all letters, notices and statements relating to the accounts now found in the My business section. For all other accounts, including employer returns, nothing has changed.

Fringe benefit tax (FBT)

From the following dates you'll need to be registered for myIR to file FBT returns:

FBT return Online return must be filed in myIR from...
Fringe benefit tax shareholder/employee income year tax return (IR421) 1 July 2018
Fringe benefit ordinary employee annual tax return (IR422) 1 August 2018
Fringe benefit tax quarterly return (IR420) 1 September 2018

You can still file paper FBT returns, however this filing option will eventually be removed.

All FBT returns in myIR will include the worksheets to do all the calculations for you. Calculation worksheets will no longer be included with paper FBT returns.

Gaming machine duty (GMD)

  • Gaming machine duty application for registration
    You must be registered for myIR to use this service.
  • Gaming machine duty return
    You'll still be able to file your return online without a myIR login until 1 August 2018. From this date you must be registered for myIR.

Approved issuer levy (AIL) payer registration

You must be registered for myIR to use this service.

Withholding taxes

You can now file and amend the following returns in myIR

  • non-resident withholding tax (NRT)
  • resident land withholding tax (RLT)
  • resident withholding tax (IPS) on interest
  • resident withholding tax (DWT) on dividends

Remember to complete your end-of-year (EOY) certificates as well as your annual reconciliation statement.

Portfolio investment entity (PIE)

You can now file, pay, and amend PIE returns in the My business section in myIR. The file upload option is still available, and a new online return that can be filed in myIR has been introduced.

You must be registered for myIR to use the following services:

  • Portfolio investment entity registration
  • Portfolio investment entity cessation.

Register for a myIR account

Making payments

Your payment frequency will stay the same. You can pay your accounts by:

  • direct debit, or
  • debit or credit card

Find the due dates for your returns and payments

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Other significant changes for businesses

Payday filing

Changes to how often you file employer returns have been passed by the Government.

Find out more about payday filing

Accounting income method (AIM) for provisional tax

AIM is a new option for provisional tax. Once you've opted in to use it, you'll only pay provisional tax when your business makes a profit.

Find out more about AIM

How-to videos

We've developed a range of videos to help you find what you need in our new services.

  • A quick tour of the new services.
  • How to videos for:
    • Filing a GST return
    • Filing an FBT return
    • Making a payment:
      • while you're filing a return
      • after you've filed a return
    • Delegating others access to your account(s)

Check out the videos