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Transforming Inland Revenue Te Whakahou i te Tari Taake

What's changing in myIR for tax agents

You'll notice some changes when you log in to myIR.


There will be no more switching between sections in myIR. We’re introducing a new myIR home page with everything, including financial transfers, in one place.

Tax types

We’re moving some more tax types into our new system along with GST and FBT. This means that you’ll be able to do returns, amendments and payments through your account in myIR for income tax, imputation credits (IR4J), Working for Families tax credits and donation tax credits.

Client access

You’ll be able to quickly access clients’ accounts without bringing them into your workspace.

Extension of time dashboard

A new extension of time performance dashboard will show your agency's overall filing percentage, which can be broken down by client list.

Donation tax credits

You’ll be able to register clients for a donation tax credits account and you'll be able to file an annual donations tax credits claim form in myIR.


From April 2019, electronic reports will replace AMBR paper reports. All client and account information will be available electronically.

Banks accounts

Bank account details for clients should be their current personal bank account. If you have authority to receive your clients' refunds, we'll be introducing a way for you to redirect their refunds to your agency bank account. You’ll need to set up a disbursement account with your account manager.

Key office holders

In the Tax preparer tab you’ll be able to add or remove key office holders for your agency.


We'll no longer use 'workspace' to determine which agency logins we'll send client notifications. There will be a new myIR service to subscribe to client notifications. This service will be prepopulated within the existing workspace for each web login from 26 April. There are several options for receiving notifications and you can easily turn on or off all notifications.