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Transforming Inland Revenue Te Whakahou i te Tari Taake

What's changing in myIR for bookkeepers and representatives

You'll notice some changes when you log in to myIR.


There will be no more switching between sections in myIR. We’re introducing a new myIR home page with everything in one place.

Tax types

We’re moving some more tax types into our new system along with GST and FBT. This means that you’ll be able to do returns, amendments and payments through your account in myIR for income tax, imputation credits (IR4J), working for families tax credits and donation tax credits.

Tax preparer

Bookkeepers and other representatives could have the ability to register with Inland Revenue as a ‘tax preparer’. This would enable you to link clients to your business so you can act on their behalf, run reports and manage tax accounts online in myIR. It’s subject to legislation, and you will need to satisfy some criteria, such as:

The registration form will be in myIR and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Donation tax credits

You’ll be able to register clients for a donation tax credits account. You and your clients will be able to submit receipts online during the year. Refunds will still be issued once, at the end of the year, but it may save looking through a box of receipts when it comes to tax time.

Client access and nominated persons

If you used the token process to access clients, you’ll still be able to access those clients, but you’ll no longer be able to use it to access new clients. A new nominated persons feature in myIR will give you full access to a client’s account through all channels (not just myIR).