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Shortfall penalties

These statements outline how we deal with shortfall penalties, including reduction of penalties, voluntary disclosures, evasion, abusive tax position and so on.

SPS 19/02: Voluntary disclosures

SPS 19/02 sets out the factors that the Commissioner will consider when forming an opinion as to whether a taxpayer has made a full voluntary disclosure of all the details of a tax shortfall.

SPS 16/04 Payment of shortfall penalty using losses

SPS 16/04 sets out the law allowing a taxpayer to use tax losses in payment of a shortfall penalty imposed on an income tax liability.

SPS 06/03 Reduction of shortfall penalties for previous behaviour (June 2006)

SPS 06/03 sets out IR's practice for reducing shortfall penalties for previous behaviour.

INV-290 Promoter Penalties (Mar 04)

INV-290 provides information about applying promoter penalties to promoters of arrangements involving abusive tax positions.

INV-231 Temporary shortfall - permanent reversals (Sep 99)

INV-231 (Sep 1999) sets out information on permanent reversal as it applies to a temporary shortfall.