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Revenue Alerts

A Revenue Alert is issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, and provides information about significant and/or emerging tax planning issues that are of concern to Inland Revenue. At the time an alert is issued, risk assessments will already be underway to determine the level of risk and to consider appropriate responses.

A Revenue Alert will identify:

  • the issue (which may be a scheme, arrangement or particular transaction) which the Commissioner believes may be contrary to the law, or is inconsistent with policy;
  • the common features of the issue;
  • our current view; and
  • our current approach.

Revenue Alert RA 18/01 - questions and answers

2018 Revenue Alert questions and answers on dividend stripping and when proceeds from share sales are at high risk of being treated as a dividend.

Revenue Alert RA 18/01

2018 Revenue Alert on dividend stripping and when proceeds from share sales are at high risk of being treated as a dividend for income tax purposes.

Revenue Alert RA 15/01

Revenue Alert RA 15/01 relates to employee share purchase agreements, timing of the acquisition of shares and reclassification arrangements.

Revenue Alert RA 14/01

Revenue Alert RA 14/01 considers the tax treatment of payments to private education or childcare centres, including whether they are gifts or liable for GST.

Revenue Alert RA 13/01

Revenue Alert RA 13/01 covers salary packaging, or reducing income from employment by replacing part of salary or wages with vouchers.

Revenue Alert RA 11/03

2011 Revenue Alert considers NZ tax residents accessing income held in an offshore bank account using an offshore credit or debit card.

Revenue Alert RA 11/02

2011 Revenue Alert considers when diverting personal services income by structuring revenue earning activities through an associated entity is tax avoidance.

Revenue Alert RA 11/01

2011 Revenue Alert considers charitable donations and arrangements entered into to get a tax credit where there has not been a true gift of money.

Revenue Alert RA 10/02

Revenue Alert RA 10/02 considers cloud computing services for storing business records and whether businesses are meeting record keeping obligations.

Revenue Alert RA 10/01

2010 Revenue Alert considers taxpayers who divert income from a business or activity to an associated entity. Updates CIR's view following Penny and Hooper decision.

Revenue Alert RA 09/01

RA 09/01 advises that schemes entered into with the intention of obtaining false, inflated or inappropriate GST refunds or income tax deductions are tax avoidance.

Revenue Alert RA 08/02

IR and overseas tax authorities are investigating tax haven structures in Liechtenstein used by NZ residents to avoid or evade New Zealand tax obligations.

Revenue Alert RA 08/01

Revenue Alert RA 08/01 looks at when diverting personal services income by structuring revenue through an associated entity will be considered tax avoidance.

Revenue Alert RA 07/01

2007 Revenue Alert considers the sale of private homes to loss attributing qualifying companies to generate tax deductions.

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