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Tax Administration Amendment Act 2006

Exchange of information with the Ministry of Justice

The Tax Administration Amendment Act 2006 is one of nine Acts to result from the passage of the Courts and Criminal Matters Bill, introduced in May 2003. The new Act received the Royal assent on 9 April 2006.

The Act extends the categories of information that can be included in information matching programmes to enable the Ministry of Justice to locate individuals who default on payment of their fines. The new information that can be provided is the name, address and phone number of the fines defaulter's employer.

This is in addition to the fines defaulter's last known address, the date when that address was last changed, if known, and the fines defaulter's telephone number. That information was already available under existing law (section 85A(4) of the Tax Administration Act 1994).

The definition of "fines defaulter" is also extended so that the information can also be used to trace persons who default in payment of reparation.