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Goods and services tax (GST)

GST is a 15% tax added to the price of most goods and services in New Zealand, including imported goods and services. Anyone registered for GST must file returns.

Filing GST through our gateway services

The GST application programming interface (API) lets businesses:

  • file returns in real time
  • amend returns
  • retrieve a return due date
  • query return status
  • retrieve previously filed returns.

When a GST return is filed, the difference between the amount of GST collected and paid needs to be worked out. Any software built will need to include this function.

Find out more about GST and the filing requirements

Gateway service capability for GST

The gateway service used for GST is the return service. It provides the following capabilities through defined service operations:

Service operation Description
Prepop Provides information in prepopulated fields.
File Lets customers file a GST return and amend previously filed returns.
RetrieveStatus Provides the processing status of previously filed GST returns.
RetrieveReturn Provides a copy of previously filed GST returns.
RetrieveFilingObligation Provides the next due date for GST returns.

Software developer kit

View and download the GST software developer kit (SDK) to help you integrate:

  • test scenarios
  • test data
  • sample messages for each service operation - requests and responses
  • the schema (xsd) and supporting wsdl for the return service
  • the identity and access authentication flow and sample curl commands
  • the return service build pack for GST to view data definitions and response status codes.

Identity and access service

Supporting guides and documents

SOAP API works in our gateway services

Learn about our soap API architecture that we offer through gateway services and how we authorise identity and access to our application types.

How to manage myIR logins and gateway services access tokens

Learn how to manage myIR logins for authorised representatives of an organisation so that access tokens can be generated for gateway services.

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GST business use cases

The following are examples of sequences of the gateway return service operations that could be used to achieve a specific business outcome.

Number Use case File Prepop Retrieve
File a GST return
Retrieve the status of previously filed GST returns and next filing obligation
Retrieve filed GST returns
Amend and file GST returns


Download detailed use cases and process flows for GST

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