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Response status codes

The response message from gateway services always includes a status code and status message. This describes how successfully the gateway service call was carried out.

Following the status code and message will be the <responseBody> element which will return the operation's response. We use this form of response even for errors, rather than using SOAP faults.

There are two categories for framework level security validation for services and operations. This impacts where and when status codes 4 and 7 will be returned.

Account level validation

Services where there will always be an AccountType required will validate the account type as part of the framework level validation.

Customer level validation

For services where the account type is not required, the framework will be set up to always do customer level validation only. Any issues with the account type will not be reflected in codes 4 or 7, but only by specific codes of 100 or above.

Different service operations may apply permissions at different levels.

To view the service operations, schemas and data definitions: