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Residential land withholding tax Tāke Rawa Kāinga

Residential land withholding tax (RLWT) calculator

RLWT applies from 1 July 2016

If RLWT needs to be deducted from the purchase amount

If the vendor is required to have RLWT deducted from the purchase amount, they should have provided you a completed Residential land withholding tax declaration (IR1101).

Use this calculator if you're a withholder, that is you're the person required to deduct an amount of RLWT on behalf of the vendor. 

All amounts used in this calculator are excluding GST. The GST component of any items below will need to be removed, even if the vendor is not registered for GST. To do this divide the amount by 1.15.

Confirm the entity type for the vendor, eg, individual, company, trust, etc. 

Confirm the vendor's share of the:

  • sale price of the property
  • purchase price of the property
  • amount of any outstanding local authority rates.

If you're the vendor's withholder and conveyancer, you'll also need to confirm the vendor's share of amounts required to release any: 

  • New Zealand mortgage, or 
  • other security registered by a bank or non-bank deposit taker.

Use the calculator to work out the amount of RLWT to deduct.

Show the amount on the summary page under "Residential land withholding tax" on the Residential land withholding tax (IR1100) return for the vendor you've done the calculation for.

Take a note of the calculation method under "Residential land withholding tax calculations" on the summary page for this amount. This is the calculation method you'll tick for the vendor on the IR1100.

You may want to print off the result or save it as a PDF or RTF document.

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