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Request an IR3 taxpack - temporary address change

Service outage

This service will be unavailable until 26 April.

For more information visit our service update page

This service allows individual and sole trader taxpayers to request an IR3 income tax return and guide for the 2015 and/or 2016 financial years and have it sent to a nominated mailing address. If you require an IR3 income tax return and guide for earlier years, you can find them under "Forms and guides", or you can phone us on 0800 257 773.

Use this service to request taxpacks. The address you provide is used for a temporary address change.

Only use this service when you are required to file an IR3. In most cases though a personal tax summary will be all you need to claim a refund.

If you have a tax agent who looks after your tax affairs, contact your agent before making a request as your agent may already have a tax pack for you. If you would like to have a taxpack sent to you instead of your agent, we will need to temporarily change your postal instructions.

If you are a tax agent and registered for E-File you need to file an IR3 through E-File.

You will need to provide your IRD number - if you do not have this call us on 0800 227 774.

Once we receive your request, your taxpacks will be mailed to the address provided. Your previous mailing address will then be reinstated.

Your 2015 and/or 2016 IR3 taxpack should arrive in approximately 10 working days. If it doesn't arrive please let us know on 0800 227 774.

If you wish to keep a copy of your request for your own records, please print or save the confirmation page.

This service is located on a secure part of our website to prevent unauthorised interception. If you are unable to access this product, your browser and/or firewall settings may need updating.