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Confirm a personal tax summary

About this service

This service allows you to amend and confirm your personal tax summary online. You must register for myIR Secure Online Services before you use it.

When to use this service

Use this service if you've requested or been sent a personal tax summary. As part of confirming your personal tax summary online you can:

  • view your earnings details
  • update interest/dividends/Māori authority distributions
  • update expenses
  • view your Working for Families Tax Credits details
  • update your tax credit eligibility, and
  • update your bank account and address.
What you will need

Your myIR user ID and password. If you have not yet registered, please follow the Register link above. If you have registered, and have activated your account, please use the Login link above.

In addition, you will need:

  • Details of interest, dividends and Māori authority distributions.
  • Details of deductible expenses.
  • Your bank account number.
  • If you qualify for Working for Families Tax Credits - family details, including partner information and children in your care, ie full names, date of birth, date the child(ren) started living with you (if different from date of birth).
  • The number of weeks you worked more than 20 hours, if your income was under $9,880 for 2012 and previous years.


After you finish

The final page will display the date and time you confirmed your personal tax summary. You can print or save this receipt page for your records.

If you're entitled to a refund, it will be deposited by direct credit to the bank account number supplied within four working days. If we don't have a valid bank account number for you, you'll receive a cheque within 10 working days.

This service may require you to send confidential information to Inland Revenue so it is located on a secure part of our website to prevent unauthorised interception. If you are unable to access this service, your browser and/or firewall settings may need updating.

Inland Revenue takes online security very seriously. We have systems in place to protect the information you provide us, and regularly update our standards and technology to provide protection for your personal information.

You play an important role in protecting your information by taking basic precautions to protect your computer and data. You should keep your computer secure, only deal online with people and organisations you know and trust, and check that your personal information travels across the internet on secure connections.

There are many resources about computer security (such as websites, books and magazines) that can help guide you on what security precautions are appropriate for your situation.