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You have to apply to us to become an approved issuer if you pay interest to a non-resident lender and want to pay it at a zero rate of NRWT (non-resident withholding tax).

Use this service to change how often you file fringe benefit tax returns or to elect to not file fringe benefit tax returns.

This service lets you register for goods and services tax (GST).

Use this service if you're acting for an existing entity and want to register as a PIE.

You'll need to complete this form if you would like to cash out R&D tax losses for a company. This form will register your interest for the R&D loss tax credit scheme.

This service lets you register as an employer online. It is the online alternative to completing the Employer registration (IR334) form.

Use this service to register your organisation if it operates gaming machines.

Use this service if you are an IR56 taxpayer and need to register with Inland Revenue. This is the same as completing the IR56 taxpayer registration (IR359) form. IR56 taxpayers deduct and pay their own PAYE.

Use this service to register your NRWT deductions from interest, dividends and/or royalties to non-residents.

Use this service if you're going to start deducting resident withholding tax (RWT) from interest that you pay.

This service is for registering into the New Zealand imputation credit system. It is equivalent to completing the Trans-Tasman imputation election form (IR488).