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IR's response to the SSC’s inquiry into the use of external security consultants

Earlier this year, concerns surfaced about the use of the external security consultants by Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited (SRES).

An inquiry began in March this year and in June it was widened to include all state sector agencies. Doug Martin and Simon Mount QC were appointed by the State Services Commissioner to head the inquiry.

They looked at the kind of work state sector agencies hired external security consultants, and in particular Thompson and Clark Investigations Limited (TCIL), to do.

In July, the Chief Executive of each state sector agency was asked to examine their own organisation’s use of those external security consultants. Inland Revenue has completed that process. Our response to the Inquiry is published below.

We have since finished work analysing the 1762 line items in our financial records, mentioned in item 10 of the letter, and we found no issues of concern.

Download IR's response to the SSC inquiry
PDF | 127kb | 2 pages

The inquiry's full findings are on the SSC's website.

Investigations (State Services Commission website)