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From time to time changes may occur that impact on your obligations or entitlements. Learn about the impact of these changes and any new services or assistance that you can access.
Date publishedTitle and description
01 August 2019 Gun buy-back scheme
  The New Zealand Government launched a gun buy-back and amnesty scheme which includes compensation payments being paid for firearms, parts, magazines and ammunition handed in during the six-month period to 20 December 2019.
01 July 2019 GST on low value imported goods
  Changes to New Zealand’s GST rules affect overseas businesses that sell goods to New Zealand.
17 May 2019 Pre-Budget announcements
  Two pre-Budget 2019 tax announcements were made by the Government today.
02 May 2019 Update to WfFTC payment day
  From the end of April, the day you receive Working for Families Tax Credits payments will change.
05 April 2019 Franklin, Hauraki and Thames-Coromandel storm impacts
  We're aware that the recent storms may cause financial issues for farmers and understand it is likely to affect income for the 2017 and 2018 income tax years.
03 April 2019 Christchurch terror attack – support for customers
  We've set up a support line for customers affected by the terror attacks in Christchurch.
20 March 2019 Assistance for farmers and growers affected by drought
  If you’re facing financial difficulty because of the drought in Marlborough, Buller and Nelson you may be able to use our income equalisation scheme discretions.
26 February 2019 Working in exchange for accommodation
  There could be tax implications for providing accommodation in exchange for casual work.
22 February 2019 Refunds of overpaid ACC levies
  ACC are refunding over 300,000 business customers for historical overpayment issues.
12 February 2019 Tasman District farmers and growers affected by recent wildfire and drought
  Farmers and growers facing financial difficulty because of the wildfire or drought may be able to use our income equalisation scheme discretions.
18 December 2018 IR's response to the SSC’s inquiry into the use of external security consultants
  Earlier this year, concerns surfaced about the use of the external security consultants by Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited (SRES).