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You can make payments to us while you're overseas using money transfers

You can make payments to Inland Revenue from anywhere in the world through our fee-free options. Select a payment service below to find out more information.

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Proudly Kiwi owned

OrbitRemit offers free online money transfers for student loan, child support or other tax types from Australia and the UK. They can help you set up recurring automatic payments or direct debits for your Inland Revenue account.

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Western Union Business Solutions

Flexible, free of charge, online money transfer service for your Inland Revenue payments. An easy to use online system to send payments in up to 34 currencies from around the world at any time.

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Foreign exchange services

For over 20 years, OFX has helped over a million customers save time & money through their quick and easy money transfer service. $0 OFX fees for IRD payments, bank beating exchange rates, 24/7 support – online, phone, or via the app, and ability to set up recurring payments.

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Xe, the world’s trusted currency authority has joined forces with HiFX, providing fee free money transfers and competitive rates of exchange for your Inland Revenue tax obligations.

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More information


Customers paying Inland Revenue through online international money transfer or payment service providers do so at their own risk. If a service provider doesn't process your payment to Inland Revenue so we receive it as cleared funds by the due date, it will remain outstanding and you may have to pay interest, penalties and other charges relating to it. Paying and filing on time is the customer's responsibility.

A payment will be received in time when it has been electronically paid or direct credited into an Inland Revenue account either on or before the New Zealand due date.

Payments through these service providers are generally fee-free. However if a transaction does incur a service fee you need to discuss this with the provider concerned.

Please ensure you have the correct year selected when making a payment.