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Removal of the Government $1,000 kick-start payment

A member’s eligibility for the kick-start payment depends on the date they joined KiwiSaver. A member will be eligible for the kick-start payment if they joined KiwiSaver before 2pm, 21 May 2015.

For members who join directly via a scheme provider we will use the account open date information in the notification of membership B2B message to determine kick-start eligibility.

For employer enrolments, we will work with employers and members to confirm the date they first become liable to be a member.

If you think a member should have received a kick-start payment, but hasn’t, please contact the Inland Revenue scheme provider line. If the ‘account open date’ you provided in the notification of membership B2B message was incorrect you will be asked to supply a correct date so that eligibility for the kick-start can be determined.

No change to B2B messaging

It is not expected that the removal of the kick-start will require any changes to the format or content of B2B messages sent between Inland Revenue and scheme providers.