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KiwiSaver Poua he Oranga

Record keeping

You need to keep a record of the following for employees who are KiwiSaver members:

  • their contribution rate
  • the amounts you've deducted
  • any notification of contributions holidays or opt-out requests,
  • your compulsory and voluntary employer contributions, and
  • the amount of ESCT (employer superannuation contribution tax) deducted from any employer cash contributions made.

Your PAYE records should show the KiwiSaver amounts you've deducted and passed on to us. You need to keep records for seven years as with other Inland Revenue records.

Keeping members' information up-to-date

To amend KiwiSaver information, complete an Employer monthly schedule amendment form (IR344) or, for a small number of amendments, call us on 0800 377 772 to update them over the phone.

Amendments to KiwiSaver information and resulting refunds will take longer to process than normal amendments because we have to request the refund from the member's scheme provider.