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Coming to or leaving New Zealand

Information about your tax obligations and entitlements if you're moving to or leaving New Zealand either permanently or for the short term.

Coming to New Zealand

Information on tax for those moving to New Zealand permanently, visiting, or on a working holiday.

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Leaving New Zealand

Information on tax for those leaving New Zealand to move or start work overseas.

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Tax residency and status

Find out if you are a New Zealand tax resident or an overseas tax resident and what that means.

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Double tax agreements

Find out if your country of origin has a double tax agreement with New Zealand and how this may affect you.

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Industries and events

Specialist information for people involved with particular industries like petroleum, winemaking or screen production or events.

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Top 10 facts on international tax

10 common facts that clear up some commonly misunderstood aspects of international tax.

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Non-resident businesses and GST

Find out if you qualify as a non-resident business and if you can register for GST in New Zealand and claim back GST paid.

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