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Comparing New Zealand and Australia's goods and services tax (GST) systems

What is GST?

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GST is a tax of 15% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in New Zealand.

You become liable to register for  GST when your annual turnover exceeds NZ$60,000 in any 12-month period.

Depending on your turnover, a registered person can elect to file returns monthly, two-monthly or six-monthly.

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GST is a broad-based consumption tax. It was introduced on 1 July 2000 and replaced a wholesale sales tax.

GST refers to either the "value" of a taxable supply or the "price":
  • The value of a taxable supply is the GST-exclusive consideration payable for the supply.
  • The price is the GST-inclusive consideration payable for the supply.
GST is 10% of the value of the supply and is included in the sale price of a taxable supply. For example, for an item selling for $70, its:
  • value is $63.63 (calculated as $70 x 10/11), and
  • GST component is $6.36 (calculated as $70/11).

When is GST not payable?

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Certain goods and services are not liable for GST. These are:
  • Exempt supplies which include supplies of residential accommodation and many financial services such as paying and collecting interest.
  • Zero-rated supplies which are taxed at the rate of 0% but are still shown on a GST return.
  • Special supplies which are different from the normal business sales or purchases.
Some transactions are outside the scope of GST, for example, gifts made by people who are unregistered or have no connection with Australia.

Others are GST-free which means there is no liability for GST on the supply but the supplier can claim credits for GST on the acquisitions it has made, for example:
  • specified exports
  • health
  • food
  • education
  • international travel, and
  • certain charitable activities.

Use this form when completing your GST return

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GST return (GST101) Business activity statement (BAS)

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