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Although uncommon, fraudsters sometimes use another person's IRD number to claim tax refunds or tax credits.

How to tell if your IRD number has been misused

Some signs that someone else might be using your IRD number are:

  • The bank account or address in myIR Secure Online Services isn't yours.
  • You have received a notice of assessment from us for a return you didn’t file.
  • A return you haven't filed is showing as filed.

If you have a tax agent and think any of these may have happened to you, check with them to make sure they haven't made any changes to your details. If your tax agent hasn't made the changes, or you're still unsure, follow the steps below.

How to respond to scams and identity theft

You need to take action now if you:

  • have been a victim of a scam and provided the fraudster with personal information or money, or
  • think your IRD number has been misused.

Have any details handy about what has happened and follow the steps below.

Step What you need to do What will happen next
1 Call us on 0800 775 247 to let us know what's happened.

When you call we'll:

  • Verify your identity.
  • Set up voice ID to access and protect your account.
  • Work out what your IRD number may have been used for.
  • Help you fix any incorrect returns or debt on your account. Please note this could take some time.

Speak with iDcare.

We’ll transfer you to iDcare but if you prefer to contact them directly you can call them on 0800 201 415 between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

When you speak with iDcare they’ll help you:

  • Build a response plan specific to your needs.
  • Minimise risks to your personal information going forward.

Contact iDcare

Inland Revenue is a member of iDcare, New Zealand’s national support service for people who have experienced identity theft. Their help is free and they work with their clients anonymously. That means they won’t collect your personal details.

The people at iDcare will help you to create a tailored response plan to your identity theft situation, whether this involves your IRD number only or other personal information.

Contact iDcare on 0800 201 415 between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Friday or visit the iDcare website.

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