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Making payments to us from overseas

You can make payments to us from overseas through a number of methods. Find out more about the options available.

International money transfer 

An international money transfer (IMT) is an electronic transfer of funds. You'll need to check with your bank if there's a fee involved. There are also overseas online service providers that provide international online money transfers free or at low cost.

If you have a New Zealand bank account you can use their online banking service.

The date the payment is received is the date we use when crediting your account.

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PayWay direct debit if you're in Australia 

If you're in Australia you can set up a PayWay direct debit for your student loan repayments. This allows you to make regular repayments from your Australian bank account (in Australian dollars) towards your student loan. We'll cover the currency conversion cost.

Call us free from Australia on 1800 559 653 to set up your PayWay direct debit.

Telegraphic transfer 

You can use our Telegraphic transfer sample form to help you fill in the details with your bank. Your bank and our bank (Westpac) may charge for this service.

Foreign bank draft or personal foreign cheque 

We'll credit the payment to your tax account in New Zealand dollars using Westpac's exchange rate on the day we bank the cheque. This rate could be different from the rate on the day you wrote the cheque. You may need to allow for exchange fluctuations when writing your cheque.

For foreign bank drafts, the bank the draft is drawn on must be located in the country of the currenty of the draft. If you're sending a personal foreign cheque, the amount must be in the same currency as the account. We can't process the payment if the cheque is written out for New Zealand dollars but drawn from an overseas account in a different currency.

Go to the Westpac New Zealand exchange rates

Foreign bank drafts or personal foreign cheques will only be accepted in those currencies where a rate is displayed in the "Westpac buys cheques & T/C" column of the exchange rates table.

Credit or debit card payments

You can also make payments from overseas using your credit or debit card.