Make a payment

KiwiSaver member voluntary contributions

Find out how to make KiwiSaver contributions if you're self-employed or you want to make voluntary contributions.

If you're self-employed

The contract you have with your scheme provider will probably set out:

  • a minimum annual sum, and
  • the payment periods that apply, eg monthly or quarterly.

If you're paying your KiwiSaver contributions through us you can:

Your scheme provider may also accept your contributions directly.

More information is in our Self-employed - Your guide to KiwiSaver (KS12).

If you start earning a salary or wage, contributions will start being deducted from your pay at your contribution rate.

Voluntary contributions

As well as your minimum payments, you'll be able to make voluntary lump sum payments of any amount as often as you like. Once you've made a lump sum payment it's "locked in" until you're eligible to withdraw your savings. You can make lump sum payments directly to your scheme provider, or directly to us with the "Pay tax" function offered by most New Zealand banks.

In your first three months

If you haven't chosen a KiwiSaver scheme, any extra contributions you make need to be paid through us in your first three months. We'll pay interest on these contributions. The interest rate is currently 0.91% after tax. This means the tax is deducted before the interest is paid into your account and it's exempt income for tax purposes. Interest will be paid to your scheme provider along with your contributions.

Using "Pay tax" through internet banking

If you use the "Pay tax" option you'll need to include the following details:

  • your IRD number
  • tax type KSS
  • period "0".