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You can learn more about our services with these videos and demonstrations. We will show you through some of our essential services, as well as tasks you can complete through your myIR Secure Online Services account (myIR requires a user ID and password).

Payday filing videos

Check out the videos in this section to understand the benefits of payday filing.

Business Transformation

Watch these videos to find out about the changes we made for businesses and tax agents in April 2018. We’ve covered how to use new services and file returns in myIR, granting access to your tax accounts, and the Accounting Income Method (AIM).

FBT videos

Use these videos to learn about when you need to pay FBT on motor vehicles.

Sharing information to combat global tax evasion

It’s important everyone pays the right amount of tax. That’s why the New Zealand Government has signed up to the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) - an international initiative to combat global tax evasion.

Introduction to business videos

Going in to business for yourself? There is an easy way to get up to speed fast. Sit back, relax and watch our six "Introduction to business" videos. We’ve covered the essentials including: Business structures, Income and provisional tax, Expenses, Depreciation, Registering for GST and Record Keeping.

Getting it right - closing down your business

Watch this video and see how easy it is for a business owner, Scott, to take care of his tax when he closes his business. The video also explains what to do if your business is registered with the Companies Office.

Mandarin videos


Korean videos

혼자서 사업을 운영하려 하십니까? 사업을 빠르게 본 괘도에 올려 놓으실 수 있는 쉬운 방법이 있습니다. 자 이제, 긴장을 풀고 앉으셔서 저희가 만든 여섯 개의 “ Introduction to business”(사업 시작하기) 비디오를 봐 주십시오. 저희는 사업구조, 소득세와 예납세, 비용 공제, 감가상각, 부가가치세 등록, 증빙서류 보관하기를 포함한 필수적인 항목을 모두 포함했습니다.

Working for Families Tax Credits

Watch these videos to find out what Working for Families Tax Credits are and how they work.

Financial transfers request demonstration

The financial transfers request service offers you a new way of completing credit balance and payment transfers using our online services. This quick and efficient option for completing transfers provides you with a service that is consistent with our other online services. It is also really easy to use!

Te Reo videos

Check out our Te Reo videos as we take you through what you need to know, at your own pace. Working out your tax and entitlements doesn't have to be difficult.

Online services for personal accounts

View our demonstration on how to make the most of your personal online services account.

Online services for business accounts

View our demonstrations on how to make the most of your online services account as a business account owner or administrator and user.

Business audits video

This video explains everything you need to know about our audit process for small and medium enterprises.

Learn how to register for myIR Secure Online services

Watch our video about myIR. Learn how to register for and activate a myIR account for secure online services.

Sign Language videos

Check out our Sign Language videos as we take you through what you need to know, at your own pace. Working out your tax and entitlements doesn't have to be difficult.

voice ID

Make it simpler, faster and more secure when you call Inland Revenue. In this video, we explain the benefits of voice ID and how to enrol.

Tax on property rental income

If you receive rental income you'll probably need to file an income tax return and pay tax on any profit you make. Watch this short video to find out what you need to do.

Student loan repayment videos

These videos show how easy it is to repay your student loan, whether you're in New Zealand or overseas.

Redundancy payments video

This video will help you to understand how redundancy payments affect your tax and entitlements.

Confirm your Personal tax summary in myIR

A step-by-step demonstration of how to confirm your Personal tax summary in myIR

The disputes process

Find out about the disputes process, whether you start the process, or we do.

2017 GST online videos

These videos are for GST only. Find out about changes to GST online services within myIR. If you're a business customer take a quick tour, learn how to make a payment and grant others access to your GST account. If you're a tax agent learn how to link and delink clients and manage employee access.

Learn how to register for a myIR and file GST online

Learn how to register for a myIR and file GST online