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GST (Goods and services tax) Te tāke hokohoko

Help with GST-related enquiries

Business tax information service

Inland Revenue offers a free business tax information service to new businesses and organisations to help them meet their tax responsibilities. This service is available to both businesses and groups.

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Kaitakawaenga Maori

Most Inland Revenue offices have a Kaitakawaenga Maori who can assist Maori organisations and individuals with their business tax responsibilites.

Our advisors will tell you:

  • which taxes you need to know about
  • what records you need to keep
  • how to complete your tax returns (for example, GST and employer returns), and
  • when to file returns and make payments.

Significant enterprises

Significant enterprises is the sector responsible for businesses with a group turnover of greater than $100 million. They are also responsible for those involved in industries where specific legislation applies. These include:

  • banking and finance
  • insurance and superannuation
  • oil and mineral industries
  • primary producers
  • public and local authorities
  • state-owned enterprises
  • non-resident contractors
  • manufacturing and exporting
  • forestry and fishing
  • transport and technology
  • non-resident entertainers.

Non-resident contractors

If you are based overseas and considering contracting in New Zealand, contact our non-resident contractors team in Wellington:

Phone: 64 04 890 3056
Fax: 64 04 890 4502

Or you can write to:

Non-resident contractors team
Inland Revenue
PO Box 2198
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Non-resident entertainers

Entertainers and sportspeople who want to perform publicly should contact our non-resident entertainers team in Auckland:

Phone: 64 09 367 1329
Fax: 64 09 377 1159

Or you can write to:

PO Box 5542
Wellesley Street
New Zealand

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