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New Zealand tax residence questionnaire (IR886)

(published May 2016)

About this form

This form can be used to tell us if you are arriving, have arrived in, are leaving or have left New Zealand so we can tell you your tax residence status and if you have any further New Zealand tax obligations.

PDF | 304kb | 4 pages

When to use this form

Use this form if you are arriving, have arrived in, are leaving or have left New Zealand and would like to know if you have any ongoing liability for student loans or income tax in New Zealand.

What you will need

To complete this form you will need the details of:

  • your IRD number
  • the date(s) that you arrived or left, or will arrive and leave, New Zealand. If you have made a number of trips in and out of New Zealand you will need the dates of each trip
  • any property in New Zealand that you, your partner, or any related entity, eg, trust, company or partnership own, lease or have the ability to stay in
  • any bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, investments, life insurance, superannuation, benefits, pensions or other financial ties to New Zealand, and
  • any employment or business connections to New Zealand.

If you are also completing the Elect someone to act on your behalf (IR597) form you will also need your nominated person's IRD number and postal details.

After you finish

Please print out this form, complete and then send to one of the mailing addresses listed on page 3.

List of postal addresses for Inland Revenue >