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Employment information (IR348)

Use this form to send us the pay details of employees who are working for you.

If your total PAYE and ESCT deductions for a year are $50,000 or more you must file your IR348 online.

To complete this form you'll need:

  • your IRD number
  • the period you're paying deductions for (period ending)
  • contact details of the person who does the payroll
  • each employee's:
    • full name, IRD number and tax code
    • start and/or finish date if they started or finished working for you during this month
    • gross earnings
    • earnings not liable for ACC earners' levy
    • lump sum acknowledgement
    • PAYE and/or withholding tax deductions
    • child support deductions
    • student loan deductions
    • KiwiSaver deductions
    • net KiwiSaver employer contributions
    • ESCT deductions.

Once you've completed the form, print, sign and send it to us. Keep a copy for your records.