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Qualifying company transition (IR891)

(published March 2011)

About this guide

You can use this form to if you have a qualifying company (QC) or loss attributing qualifying company (LAQC) and want to transition to become a sole tradership or partnership. To find out more about the transitional process please see our Qualifying companies (IR435) booklet.

PDF | 203kb | 4 pages

When to use this guide

Complete this form when you want to transition from a:

  • QC or LAQC to a sole tradership
  • QC or LAQC to a partnership or limited partnership
What you will need

To complete this form you will need:

  • the company's name and IRD number
  • the name and IRD number/s of either the sole trader, or partners forming the partnership
  • the start date for the new entity
  • a photocopy of your certificate of registration if transitioning to be a limited partnership