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Elect someone to act on your behalf IR597

Use this form if you want someone to act on your behalf to help with your tax affairs. For example, a family member or company staff member.

The person you nominate can be an individual or non-individual (a non-individual must be a separate legal entity such as a company, incorporated society or incorporated charitable trust).

When they're set up, they'll be able to communicate with us directly about your tax affairs. You can also choose if you'd like them to receive your statements, refund information or other correspondence.

You'll need:

  • your IRD number
  • the IRD number of the person you're nominating to act on your behalf, and
  • their details (full name and contact information)

Who can nominate:

For individuals a nominated person can only be set by the owner of the IRD account.

For a non-individual entity, a nominated person can only be set by a company director, trustee or estate administrator, an executive office holder of a club or society, or a partner of a partnership.

Complete the form and print it off. Remember to sign it, and then post it to Inland Revenue. You may want to keep a copy for your personal records.

If you nominate someone to act on your behalf, it doesn't change your obligations. You will still be responsible for filing returns and making payments by the due date. You will also need to tell us if you want to end a nominated person's authority.

When your form has been processed, we'll send you and your nominated person a letter.

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