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Choose your RWT deduction rate (IR456)

(published November 2011)

About this form

Use this form to choose the rate that RWT is deducted from your interest.

PDF | 64kb | 2 pages

When to use this form

If you receive interest from a person or organisation, resident withholding tax (RWT) is usually deducted from those interest payments before they are credited to you. This might be interest from financial institutions (for example, banks, finance companies, building societies or credit unions).


What you will need
  • name of interest payer
  • name of estate, trust, partnership or company
  • IRD number
  • rate for interest to be deducted at
  • if interest payer is a  bank or financial institution - please provide account numbers
After you finish

When you have downloaded, filled in the details and signed this form - please take this to your interest payer (for example, bank or financial institution) not Inland Revenue.

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