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Adjust your income (IR215)

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Complete this form to adjust your income for Working for Families and/or a student loan. 

Working for Families: You and your spouse/partner (if applicable) need to complete the IR215 form to tell us your income adjustments for the tax year. The adjustments will help us work out your correct Working for Families payments

Student loan: You need to complete the IR215 form to tell us about your income adjustments for the tax year so we can correctly calculate your student loan repayments. Your spouse/partner’s income is not needed to assess your student loan repayments.

Complete this form for the tax year ended 31 March 2015 and future tax years. Note: Before 1 April 2014, you were not required to complete an IR215 form for student loans.

For all previous years, complete this form for Working for Families Tax Credits only.

Send your and your spouse/partner's completed IR215 when you receive or provide your income tax assessment. Note: These adjustments do not alter the income in your income tax assessment.