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Child support - receiving payments after your benefit stops (IR167)

(published March 2016)

About this guide

This factsheet provides information about child support for receiving carers returning to work after receiving a sole parent benefit.

PDF | 107kb | 2 pages

When to use this guide

If you're a receiving carer and receiving a sole parent benefit, your child support is paid to the government to help contribute towards your benefit.

If you move off a sole parent benefit you can choose to:

  • cancel child support collected by us and make a private arrangement with the liable parent
  • make a voluntary agreement for child support with the liable parent which we can administer
  • receive your current child support entitlement directly, or
  • stop child support.
What you will need

If you want us to pay you your current child support entitlement directly, you need to contact us to:

  • confirm you still want child support, and
  • check we have your correct bank account details.