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Partnership income/loss attribution IR7P (past years)

Use for past years

Partnerships aren't assessed for tax, but each partner is liable for tax on their share of income from the partnership. 

A partnership's income, losses and tax credits must be allocated to its partners in proportion to their share in the partnership.

Use these forms to show these details for each partner for the relevant tax year.

To complete this form you'll need:

  • the partnership's name and IRD number
  • the partner's name and IRD number
  • details of any income/losses distributed to each partner and their proportion of profits/losses
  • details of any deductions for extinguished losses
  • details of the overseas tax paid, imputation credits and other tax credits allocated to each partner.

You can also use our Partnership and look-through company (LTC) return guide IR7 for past years for help completing this form.

Print, sign, and attach the completed form to your IR7 and send it to us. You should keep a copy for your records.

This form has space to record details for four partners only

You can use as many copies of this form as you need.