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Income tax return: Partnerships and LTCs IR7 (past years)

Use for past years

Use this return to provide a partnership's or look-through company's (LTC) income/loss and expenses for past years.

Our Partnership and look-through company (LTC) return guide IR7G for past years will help you complete these returns.

To complete your return you'll need the partnership's or look-through company's:

  • IRD number
  • income and expenses for the relevant period, including:
    • schedular payments
    • New Zealand interest and dividends
    • other income
    • overseas income, and
    • business or rental income
  • amounts of any extinguished losses and or LAQC losses.

Please print, sign, attach any required documents and send to us. You may wish to keep a copy for your records.

Required documents include your:

  • Partnership income/loss distribution IR7P
  • Look-through company income/loss distribution IR7L.