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Income tax return: Companies IR4 (past years)

Use for past years

Use these returns to complete your company's tax return for past years.

Our Company tax return guide IR4GU for past years will help you complete these returns.

To complete this return you'll need the company's:

  • IRD number
  • income details including:
    • interest and dividends
    • partnership, estate or trust income
    • business or rental income
    • any other income
  • tax credits
  • allowable deductions
  • insurance premiums paid to any overseas insurer not carrying on business in New Zealand
  • losses brought forward from the previous year
  • subvention payments to or from another company.

Once you've completed your return, print, sign and return it to us. You should keep a copy for your records.

Non-active companies

If you're a non-active company you don't need to complete this return.