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Non-resident Individual tax return IR3NR (past years)

Use for past years

Use these returns to complete your Non-resident individual tax return IR3NR for past years.

Our Non-resident individual tax return guide IR3NRG will help you complete these returns.

To complete this return you'll need:

  • your IRD number
  • your personal contact details
  • details of any New Zealand interest paid or credited to you
  • total tax credits and non-resident withholding tax already paid
  • any other New Zealand income with tax deducted
  • any New Zealand partnership income
  • any New Zealand estate or trust income
  • any New Zealand rents, self-employment income or other income
  • any expenses against your income
  • any net losses brought forward
  • any losses from a loss attributing qualifying company, and
  • any personal rebates (if you worked in New Zealand during the year) that you may be entitled to claim.

Once you've completed your return, print, sign and return it to us. You should keep a copy for your records.