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KiwiSaver opt-out request KS10

Use this service if your employer automatically enrolled you in KiwiSaver and you don't want to be. You can't opt out of KiwiSaver if you opted in.

You can opt-out  if any of the following apply to you:

  • You request to opt out on or after day 14 and on or before day 56 of starting your employment.
  • You haven't reached your 19th birthday and were enrolled before your 18th birthday without the necessary consent.
  • You request to opt-out if you started your job more than 56 days ago and it's less than three months since we received your first contribution. In this case you'll have to give us a reason for your late opt out. We may not approve your request.

If we receive your request more than three months after we receive your first contribution you can't opt out. In this case we'll treat your request as an application for a savings suspension.

To complete this service you'll need your:

  • IRD number, address and contact details
  • employer's business or trade name
  • employer's address, or IRD number
  • employment start date
  • bank account details - for any refunds
  • reason for late opt out (if applicable).

We'll assess your request to opt out of KiwiSaver and let you know the outcome.

If we approve it, we'll notify your employer to stop deducting KiwiSaver.

You'll be refunded any KiwiSaver contributions your employer has deducted either by them or us once we receive them.

Download Kiwisaver Opt-out request KS10
PDF | 78kb | 2 pages |

You can also complete this form online.

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