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Tailored tax code application (IR23BS)


Tailored tax codes and rates don’t apply now to ring-fenced rental losses as the tax rules have changed. Find out more at

Complete this form if you're applying for a tailored tax code or tailored tax rate. Tax can then be deducted at a rate that suits your individual circumstances.

If you or your company receive schedular payments you only need to apply for a tailored tax rate if you want to use a rate lower than the minimum that you can use.

A tailored tax code cannot apply to an income-tested benefit.

You will need your IRD number. If you do not know this you can find it in your myIR Secure Online Services account or on letters or statements from us.

Once completed, post your application to us. We will let you know the rate to use as soon as we have processed your application.

You may wish to keep a copy of this form for your personal records.

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