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Application for a special depreciation rate (IR260B)

(published November 2012)

About this form

Use this form to apply for a special depreciation rate. The rates to calculate depreciation for assets acquired since 1996 are available in our booklet General depreciation rates (IR265).

PDF | 158kb | 3 pages

This form can be completed on-screen by typing content directly into the PDF document. Once you have completed the form it is important that you print it out as you will not be able to save the information you enter into the form.

When to use this form

You must claim depreciation on an asset and then account for it when you dispose of that asset. We recommend that you consult a tax agent when considering claiming for depreciation, but it is still your responsibility to be aware of your tax obligations. Use this form to apply for a special depreciation rate. You can apply for one if you consider that a general rate is:

  • too high, or
  • too low

because, for example, your business uses an asset in a more demanding manner than is usual


  • an initial fee of $150 (plus GST) (payable with the application), and
  • a processing fee of $75 (plus GST) per hour (or part hour), for work done by us.
What you will need
  • applicant's full contact details and IRD number
  • asset details
  • general depreciation rate
  • accounting depreciation rate 
  • reasons for application
  • depreciation rate requested
  • initial application fee of $150 needs to go with this application
After you finish

Please print sign and post the completed form to LTS Manager, Technical Standards, National Office, Inland Revenue, PO Box 2198, Wellington, along with an initial application fee (cheque) for $150 (plus GST).

You may wish to keep a copy of this form for your personal records.

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