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This form is for employees to give their details to their employer. Note: Please make sure you access the latest version of this form. Once you have downloaded the PDF, check the version showing 3% deduction is displaying. If not, please highlight the URL and refresh your browser (CTRL + F5).


This form can be used to apply for a refund of KiwiSaver contributions held by Inland Revenue on the grounds of significant financial hardship or serious illness.


If you were automatically enrolled by your employer or are not yet 19 and were enrolled under the age of 18 without the required consent you can use this service to opt out of KiwiSaver. You can't opt out of KiwiSaver if you opted in.


Read about KiwiSaver and how it works if you're self-employed.


KiwiSaver is a work-based savings initiative designed to help set you up for retirement. Most members will build up their savings through regular contributions from their pay, making saving simple and easy.


KiwiSaver for children and young people


Explains your role and obligations when implementing KiwiSaver in your workplace.


This checklist provides key information for employers with new or existing employees.


The non-deduction notice allows employees to ask their employers to cease making deductions from their pay for KiwiSaver contributions.


This flow diagram provides an overview of the KiwiSaver process for new employees - how they can opt out, what will happen if they remain KiwiSaver members, and where to go for further information.


Flow diagram providing an overview for employers dealing with KiwiSaver for their employees.