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Our processing times for refunds

Your return must be processed before we issue any refunds. Our processing timeframes for a few of our main non-business refunds are in the table below.

Personal tax summary request 5-10 working days
Confirmed personal tax summary refund 5 working days (direct credit)
8-10 working days (by cheque)
Unconfirmed personal tax summary - refund under $600 15 days
Other types of refunds
IR3 Individual tax return 12 weeks
Tax credit claims IR526 12 weeks

If you're due a refund and have other amounts owing to us that:

  • aren't under an instalment arrangement, or
  • are for child support

we'll use your refund to pay these first. We'll refund any remaining credit to you.

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How to check the progress of your refund

The easiest way to check if we've processed you return or refund is to check it in myIR. You'll find this information in your Income tax section.

You'll also be able to see if a credit has been transferred to pay other outstanding amounts.

Check the progress of your refund in myIR

Changing your address or having your refund sent to a different bank account

You can update your address or bank account in real time through myIR. As soon as you update your new details we'll start using them. You can also check what address or bank account we have for you.

Confirming your personal tax summary before we send you your refund

Make sure you've confirmed your personal tax summary. Until you confirm the details on your PTS are correct, we can't issue any refund over $600.

Confirm your personal tax summary