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Complaints process

At Inland Revenue we're committed to providing excellent service. If you aren't satisfied with our service, processes, or a policy decision, you can follow the complaints process.

Making a complaint

Your feedback is important and helps us improve. We'll do our best to fix your problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Before making a complaint, please try the following:

Step one: Talk to us. Contact our staff in the area that relates to your problem and tell them your concerns.

Step two: If you're not satisfied with the solution offered by a staff member, you can ask for your concerns to be escalated to a team leader or technical support staff member.

If your issue is not resolved by either of these steps, you can contact our Complaints management service:

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Who will look after my case

Your case will be assigned a case management officer who'll liaise with the area(s) involved with your complaint.


  • keep you informed of the status of your complaint and the outcome, and
  • contact you if we require more information.

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How long will my complaint take to resolve

We aim to resolve a complaint within 15 working days. However, the length of time to resolve a complaint depends on its complexity. Your case management officer will discuss this with you.

If your case is unable to be resolved to your satisfaction, you can ask the Office of the Ombudsmen to investigate.

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Website feedback

To help us make this website as easy to use and useful as possible, you can tell us your feedback.

We want to know:

  • what works well
  • what doesn't work for you.

Give feedback about our website

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Disagreements with tax or child support assessments

If you disagree with how we've assessed your or your client's tax or child support, this is a separate process. In this situation you may need to follow the disputes process.

Find out  what to do if you disagree with a: