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Here are the top questions that customers have been asking.

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Why did I get a letter about my tax code?

To help make sure you are on the right track with your tax obligations, if we identify that you are not using the best tax code for your circumstances, we will send letters to you and your employer asking to change your tax code. To make sure we have suggested the right tax code for you, please see Work out my Tax Code.

If you use a secondary tax code to intentionally have higher deductions from your pay, you now need to apply for a Tailored Tax CodeThis will be approved if you have other income (other than salary or wages) to offset the extra tax deductions against.

Why has my Working for Families entitlement changed when I have not made any changes to my account?

Throughout the year, Inland Revenue will compare your Working for Families income estimate against your actual earnings (as advised by your employer or payer). If we identify that you could be at risk of underestimating your income, we will write to you to advise and provide a new estimate based on your earnings. If Inland Revenue is not contacted within the timeframe indicated on your letter, your Working for Families income estimate will be adjusted to help avoid a bill at the end of the year. If the new estimate is not correct, see Update my Working for Families details.

Why have I received a letter about filing my Employment Information late?

You need to file employment information for every payday during the month.

  1. Within 2 working days of each payday if you're filing through myIR or payroll software
  2. Within 10 working days of the payday if you're filing by paper, or
  3. Within 10 working days of the 15th and the last working day of the month if you're filing by paper twice a month. Note: You need to record the 15th or last working day of the month as the "pay date"

Learn more about using payday filing

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Unexpected bill/refund

I've received a bill but I cannot make a payment by the due date

You can send us a proposal to pay any outstanding amounts you owe by instalment if you cannot afford to pay in full before the due date by going to our Pay using instalments page

Why do I have tax to pay?

You have a bill because we assessed that not enough tax was deducted from your income during the year. This may have been caused by the use of incorrect tax codes from one or more sources of your income.

This includes earnings from portfolio investment entities (PIEs) including KiwiSaver accounts, being taxed at the wrong prescribed investor rate (PIR), which can result in a bill. Find out more about PIRs

We want to ensure everyone is paying the right amount of tax during the year. We may contact you throughout the year if, based on your year-to-date earnings, it appears that you are using the wrong tax code.

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Working for Families Tax Credits

Why do I have to wait for my partner’s return to process to be able to receive my refund?

Working for Families Tax Credits is calculated based on a full family income. We need both parties' income details to be processed before we can calculate the Working for Families entitlement for the year.

Why is my payment less than usual?

Your payments change with us if it looks like you're getting the wrong amount. To see what your payments are based on, log into your myIR account and look at your My family details.

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Income Tax

I received a letter asking for more information for my income tax assessment. What do I need to do?

If the income information in your letter is correct, you do not need to do anything, we'll process your details within normal processing times. If the information in this letter needs to be updated, go to myIR > Accounts tab > Income Tax Account > Periods, select the Request to complete link on the 31 March 2019 period and update your details.

What is a non-business expense?

Non-business expenses may be showing on a letter you have received to confirm your income details. Often, these expenses appear if you have used a Personal Tax Summary Intermediary (eg in the past. They charge a fee on your refund. This year these intermediaries have provided us with the details of those fees to include in your income summary.

Other non-business expenses can include:

  • costs against interest or dividend income
  • interest on money borrowed to invest
  • insurance premiums for income protection
  • interest paid to Inland Revenue

How can I confirm you have received my payment?

Log into your myIR account where you can view all transactions related to your account.

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Login and myIR difficulties

How do I set up my partner/friend/accountant/bookkeeper onto my myIR account?

To set up another person in myIR you will need to:

  1. log in to myIR account
  2. click Settings in the top right menu
  3. choose Manage additional logons under the I want to… menu
  4. this will then ask you to create a myIR user account under your own account that will let your requested person have access to the accounts you’ve requested
  5. once submitted the new user will receive an email to activate their account
  6. this email will be valid for 30 minutes.

Can my partner/friend/accountant/book-keeper just use my online account?

As per our terms and conditions of use for a myIR account – only account owners can update, maintain and access the myIR account. If it is identified that an unauthorised person is using your myIR account, Inland Revenue may cancel the account and require you to re-register.

How do I send you an email/attachments?

Unfortunately, you cannot send Inland Revenue an email from an unsecured email address (ie for most queries however, you can send through a secure mail/web message through your myIR account.

You do this by:

  1. navigating to the account the query is about (ie INC for income tax)
  2. Click More in the I want to menu, and
  3. Scroll down to Send a message under Other actions.

This web message functionality allows you to send documents to Inland Revenue as well.

What happens if I have reset my password but I get an invalid user ID/password combination?

If you have typed the correct password, clear your browser cache and cookies, then close your browser and try again. This may clear any previous passwords still being used by the browser to log in. It's unlikely to be a browser-related issue unless you are returned to the login screen with no error message.

I've tried the above but I'm still having trouble logging in, what else can I do?

  1. If you're using Internet Explorer, try using a different browser, eg Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  2. Ensure caps lock is off
  3. If the password is not working when copying and pasting - try typing it in
  4. If the device is pre-populating a password, try clearing the password and type/copy-paste this in directly
  5. If possible, try using a different computer/device
  6. Try using a PC if the issue is being encountered on a mobile or tablet device

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Applying for an IRD number

How do I apply for an IRD number?

You can apply for an individual or business IRD number online.

How long will it take to get my IRD number and how can I get it quicker?

Your application will be processed in 8-10 working days unless we need more information from you. If you are a New Zealand resident that has applied for an IRD number online, you have to get your identity documents verified at an AA or IRD office before we will complete your application.

How can I check on the progress of my IRD number application?

If we need more information we will contact you within the 8-10 working days. Once completed, you will receive comfirmation of your IRD number via email, text/SMS message or post.

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Child support

When will I get my child support payment?

Your monthly Child Support entitlement is due to be paid to Inland Revenue by the 20th of the following month. If paid by the paying parent, we issue your entitlement to your bank with enough time to ensure that it will be available to you on or before the 7th of the month following the due date. In some circumstances your payment may be available to you earlier.

Sometimes your payments you receive on the 7th will vary due to the way the payments are being collected.

If you do not receive your full entitlement on the 7th of any month the remainder will be paid to you as soon as possible after being received by Inland Revenue. Please be aware that child support is not guaranteed, however we will continue to pursue collection until the child support is paid in full.

What if I am in receipt of a sole parent rate benefit?

If you are in receipt of a sole parent rate of benefit, any child support paid for the children goes to the Crown to offset the cost of the benefit.  When the Child Support paid is more than the benefit amount then the excess goes to you.

Why has my entitlement changed?

Sometimes the payments you receive on or before the 7th will vary due to the way the payments are being collected, or there has been a change in the other parties circumstances. If you do not receive your full entitlement on or before the 7th of any month the remainder will be paid to you as soon as possible after being received by Inland Revenue.

Please be aware that child support is not guaranteed, however we will continue to pursue collection until the child support is paid in full.

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Donation tax credits

How long does it take for a donation tax credit to be processed?

If you've sent your donation claim, we expect to have these processed within 12 weeks of receiving your IR526 claim form. If you file an IR3, your donation tax credit will not begin processing until after your IR3 has been processed.

Note: You will only be able to view your donation claim in your myIR account once it has been processed.

If you have not, you can file these claims online through myIR.

Do I have to wait until the end of the year to give you my receipts?

You can upload photos or scans of your receipts to myIR at any time. If you do this, you do not need to submit an IR526 at the end of the year.

My donee organisation only has an 8 digit IRD number?

IRD numbers are 9 digits long. It may be a case of the number missing the preceeding 0.

Eg 12-345-678, should be written 012-345-678.

We recommend that you check with your Donation organisation to ensure you provide the correct number. Entering an incorrect number, may delay your tax credit.

Have you received my IR526 Donation tax credit claim form?

If you've sent us your receipts and IR526, this will not show in myIR until we have processed it. Do not worry if you cannot see it yet as we are still working to process these into our system. You do not need to send another form.

If you have not, you can file these claims online through myIR.

Why has my donation claim been denied?

A common reason for a donation claim to be denied is due to the organisation not being a donee organisation, or losing their donee organisation status with Inland Revenue. Please check this list before submitting your claim.

The receipts you provide must meet certain standards for us to approve your claim. They must include:

  • your or your partner's name
  • the amount and date of your donation
  • must say 'donation'
  • a signature of an authorised person
  • official stamp or letterhead with the name of the organisation included
  • and, if it is a replacement receipt, the words 'copy' or 'replacement'

If the name of the organisation on your receipt does not match the organisations name on the donee organisation list, we will reject your claim. If your receipt does not contain the above information, you will need to contact the donee organisation and ask for a new receipt with the required details.

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Employing people

When do I file payday returns over the holiday period?

Over the holiday period you still need to file your Employment Information for paydays during the holiday period. You get extra time to file these.

If you file electronically you’ll need to submit Employment Information for paydays between 25 December and 15 January inclusive, on or before the 17 January 2020. Paper filers should submit Employment Information for paydays between 25 December and 15 January inclusive, on or before 29 January 2020

You can file these returns early if you know what the payroll is going to be. Advanced filing for January 2020 is available from 11 December 2019.

Why have I got a late filing penalty?

If an Employment Information return is late 3 times within 12 months, you will be charged a late filing penalty. Find out more about late filing penalties.

I received Employment Information forms in the mail but I did not pay anyone during the month/s. Do I need to file these forms?

No. Payday filing means that you must file a return per pay date. If you didn't pay anyone you dont need file employment information for the week, fortnight or month where salary or wages weren't paid. You will not be charged a late filing penalty in these situations.

If you are not employing for a while, contact us so we can discuss your obligations during that time.

Why is my PAYE showing overdue when I have made a payment?

If your payment was made under the DED tax type on/before the payment due date, your payment remains in a holding account until the 15th of the following month to ensure that we have the correct employee information before we allocate the payment. These payments will post by the 21st of the following month but will be applied to the account as at the date you made the payment. If the payment was made on time, any late payment penalties and/or interest will be reversed.

Can I file my Employment Information schedules early?

Yes, you can file up to one month in advance. We make the next period available to file towards the end of the current month, however if you need this available earlier then please send us a Web Message through your myIR account.

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How do I register for GST?

You can register for GST in myIR. You'll need an IRD number and a myIR account.

You can also choose to register for an IRD and GST number and register as an employer when you incorporate a company with New Zealand Companies Office.

Learn more about registering for GST.

Can I get an extension of time to file my GST return?

You can't get an extension of time to file a GST return, so it's important to know when your GST returns are due. If you have not filed late within the last 12 months, you will received a "warning period" for late filing but no Late Filing Penalty will be charged. Please file your GST return as soon as you are able to and ensure that you make payment on time to avoid Late Payment Penalties and interest.

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Why is my balance different? / Where can I find my full Kiwisaver records?

Inland Revenue acts as an intermediary between individuals and scheme provders, therefore we only hold records of Kiwisaver contributions made through employment or government tax credits. Because of this, the balance Inland Revenue holds only reflects what we have transferred to your provider, not all transactions. For detailed up-to-date records that include all contributions, you will need to contact your scheme provider.

How do I change my PIR?

To change your PIR, you will need to contact your scheme provider. There is no need to contact or advise Inland Revenue of changing your rate, as we will be advised of this at the end of the tax year. To ensure you are changing to the correct rate, see Using prescribed investor rates.

Update my details

Why does my bank account have extra zeros?

Some of our letters show extra zeros, these are added for system formatting, but do not affect the account we make payments to. You may see extra zeros at the beginning of your seven digit account number, or your suffix. As long as the other numbers are in the right order, we have the right bank account for you. We recommend using myIR to check your bank accounts, online your account will not show the extra zeros.

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Student loans

I am returning to/leaving New Zealand. Will I be stopped at the border?

If you are up-to-date with your loan repayments, Inland Revenue will not stop you at the border. If you are behind in your repayments or haven't made contact with Inland Revenue in a while, please contact us to discuss your loan obligations.

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