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Find out about our solutions to common issues you may encounter with our new website and myIR

Quick fixes and solutions for tax intermediaries

We want to keep you updated on any issues with our new website and myIR as they arise. When we become aware of common issues affecting tax intermediaries, we’ll update this page with a brief summary of the issue, any workarounds we’ve found, and our progress towards resolving it.

If you cannot find any information on your issue here, check our archived answers or contact your account manager.

If you think anything is missing or unclear from our web content, send us an email with examples (text, screenshots and URLs) to webfeedback@ird.govt.nz

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Provisional tax

Provisional tax assessment incorrectly showing 3 instalment dates

Some 6-monthly GST filers have incorrectly been assessed with 3 provisional tax instalment dates for the 2019 and 2020 year.

We have run an update to fix this error and it should now correctly show 2 instalments.

This update may not have picked up all customers. Contact us if you come across any clients that still show 3 instalments so we can resolve this error for you.

Differing provisional tax calculations

Some tax agents have noticed that their own provisional tax calculations differ from the amounts we have calculated and reported in myIR. This is due to the rounding method used in myIR, which differs from the method used in most accounting software and reported in our income tax return guides.

While this means that the provisional tax amount will only be out by $1.00 for a small number of people, we understand that is causing unnecessary confusion for our customers. There is also a chance that affected customers will be subject to use-of-money-interest (UOMI) due to this discrepancy.

We are working hard to fix this issue for the 2020 tax year and will provide an update here once we have more information. We’re currently working to correct this issue for any affected accounts, and will address any impact this has had on you or your clients’ accounts once this has been resolved.

For the instalment date due 28 August 2019, you should pay the amount that you have calculated.

Incorrect late payment penalties and interest for AIM customers

We've fixed an issue that affected some accounting income method (AIM) customers. Customers who paid their tax in full and then later filed an IR4 for a square up were incorrectly charged late payment penalties and interest on terminal tax. Terminal tax is not due until 7 February or 7 April for customers with tax agents with an extension of time. If you’re an AIM customer and your penalties and interest are incorrect, contact us to review.

Provisional tax obligation letters

From 9 July, the summary of account letters that told customers about upcoming assessments have been replaced. We're now issuing specific provisional tax assessment summary letters. You'll get this letter if an income tax return results in an assessment for the next financial year. Any reassessments to the income tax return will generate also new provisional tax obligation letter.

We'll still send summary of account letters directly to customers/clients of tax agents for outstanding bills, which have both:

  • provisional tax information
  • account information across all tax types.

The new letter will come from the income tax account and will follow the tax agent mail redirect. Find out more about how we send and redirect letters.

Amend provisional tax amount update

We have now fixed an issue that was preventing you from manually amending the provisional tax amount to $0.00 when filing a GST return.

You can read more about the resolved issue on our archived issues and solutions page.

Updated 30 September 2019

Earning summary (default option in drop-down menu)

Back in July, we updated the income tax display drop-down menu in myIR to default to Last income tax year instead of Last 12 months for most customers. Now all customers in myIR will default to Last income tax year, irrespective of their filing expectations.

Calendar year and Last 12 months can still be accessed using the drop-down menu.

Updated 29 August 2019

Error messages in myIR

Amending returns

Some tax agents have incorrectly received a 108 - Return locked for processing error message when trying to amend a return. This is because the return has been reversed out or has been transferred to another customer or period instead.

We have now updated the error messages for this situation to provide more information.

  • 145 – Return held for processing This error message will display when the return is being processed and is not visible due to a non-amendable error. The return will be released once we’ve processed it.
  • 167 – Return is reversed This error message will display when trying to amend a return that has been manually reversed and cannot be amended. As such, the submission key is no longer usable, and a new submission is required for any changes.
  • 168 – Return is transferred This error message will display when the return has been transferred to another account or period. As with the above, the submission key is no longer usable, and a new submission is required to amend the return. If you think this is incorrect, you can contact us for assistance.

Unauthorised delegation

Some agents have received an unauthorised delegation error when requesting account transactions through third-party software. This error was caused by the client not being in the agent's workspace.

This has been fixed so clients no longer need to be in an agent's workspace before requesting account transactions.

Unable to retrieve income tax account information

In cases where a client has 2 income tax accounts (1 ceased and 1 active), the information from the ceased account was not able to be retrieved when using third-party software.

This has been fixed. Information from all income tax accounts can now be retrieved when using third-party software.

Updated 20 September 2019

E-filed tax returns

Responses to E-filed income tax returns

There was an issue that caused no Return acknowledgement or Notice of response to be sent when an income tax return with correspondence attached was E-filed.

We've now fixed this issue so a response will be sent for all E-filed income tax returns going forward.

Added 18 September 2019

All client mail service

We've had issues with the date stamp that some letters display in the All client mail service on the Tax preparer tab. Our old system can delay letters (e.g. PAYE) showing up in the report.

If customers are using All client mail to track letters daily, they may notice new letters that did not appear the day before. For instance, if you check on 8 July, you might notice new letters date stamped 6 July that weren't visible on the 7th.

From 11 July, we’ve added a new Date available column. This is the date the letter appeared in the All client mail service and can be used to track client letters going forward. Tax agents can now filter their letters either by Date sent or Date available. Please note, it may or may not be the same date printed on the actual letter for any letters from our old system.

We've removed the Period column to make room for this new field. This information can now be viewed when accessing the letter via the Correspondence tab at either customer or account level.

Added 24 July 2019

Mail showing outside date range

When trying to view letters within a specific date range, an issue was causing letters from outside the selected period to show (large agency with 7,500+ clients). There was no way to delete the extra days before printing.

We've now resolved this issue so only mail from the selected period will show and be available for printing.

Added 5 September 2019

Web messages attachments

We have now fixed an issue that was limiting the file size of attachments to web messages to less than 5kb. This has now been increased to 5120kb.

We have now fixed an issue where if you uploaded a file larger than 5120kb, you would see an error message incorrectly stating the maximum file size is 5242880kb. This error now shows the correct size of 5120kb.

Updated 30 August 2019

Employment information

We have now expanded the number of employees visible in the online Employment Information form from 100 to 500. Previously, employers with more than 100 employees who opted to file online needed to manually add employees to the form in order to file.

Added 21 August 2019

PAYE return summary reports

Incorrect figures

We have now resolved an issue with PAYE return summary reports not displaying the correct figures for some periods. This was affecting customers who had amended Employment Information for that period.

From 25 July, these reports will display the correct information.

Employer superannuation contribution tax

We have now fixed an issue preventing the employer superannuation contribution tax (ESCT) from being added to the total deductions for some periods. This was affecting customers who had recently switched to payday filing. We have updated the PAYE return summary reports for the affected periods to display this information correctly.

Updated 21 August 2019

GST returns not issued for nil companies

Since April 2019, we’ve heard reports of GST returns not being issued for some clients of tax agents. After looking into this issue, we’ve found that it’s affecting schools registered as a nil company.

If one of your clients is affected by this issue, contact us with their IRD number and we will resolve this for you.

Added 31 July 2019

Print confirmation for all draft returns

We’ve heard that some tax agents and other customers were confused by the printable PDF confirmation available when saving a draft return. Previously, these confirmations did not indicate that the return was saved as a draft and not yet submitted.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have updated our system. Printable PDF confirmations generated for a draft return will now read This return is a draft only, it has not been submitted at the top of the page.

Added 30 July 2019

Extension to 45 day time frame

We’ve listened to your feedback on this, and have decided to extend the 45 day hold period for anyone linked to a tax agent with an extension of time.

Some customers, such as those who receive schedular payments and wish to claim expenses, will be asked to provide additional information before we release their automatically issued income tax assessment.

Instead of releasing the assessment after 45 days, you will be able to control the release – either confirming the information is correct or adding in the additional information required. You will need to do this by 31 March – after this, the assessment will be released.

To make it clear which customers are affected by this extension, we have now issued letters reflecting the new timeframes. Any new letters will refer to the extended timeframe.

It’s important to note that – going forward – you won’t be able to control the release of any new clients you link to after we’ve already set the 45 day hold period.

Find out more about our new automatically issued end-of-year income tax assessments.

This change only affects automatically issued income tax assessments where we have requested more information. Automatically issued income tax assessment where no further information is needed will not be held.

You can find out more about your clients’ income tax return obligations in your client list report. Read more about the client list report changes we’ve made to make this information easier.

Updated 29 July 2019

Consolidated groups income tax returns

We have now fixed an issue where customers who were previously a member of an income tax group (and not required to file an income tax return) were being asked to file an income tax return.

Learn more about changes we’ve made to consolidated groups.

Added 19 July 2019


Tax agents told us they were not able to find the link to StationeryXpress on our website. This meant that they could not bulk order IRD forms, guides and publications.

You can now access the link from the tax agents section of our website. You'll find it under Other sites at the bottom of the page.

If you do not have an account, you can register using the StationeryXpress tax agent registration form (IR599).

Added 18 July 2019

Quarterly fringe benefit tax (FBT) update

We've fixed the FBT quarterly return in myIR and the low interest loan final worksheet in the FBT quarterly calculator. Both now show 'market value percent' and 'market rate interest.'

Updated 18 July 2019

Paying income tax by direct debit

When you file an income tax return that results in tax to pay, you have the option to pay by direct debit.

We heard that this confused customers who had enough credit in their account to cover the bill. They thought they needed to pay extra and could not use their credit.

We have now fixed this in our system. Accounts with enough credit to cover their income tax bill will no longer see the prompt to pay by direct debit.

Added 17 July 2019

Processing timeframes

Due to the recent changes to our system, some of our processing timeframes have changed as well. Here are the current expected timeframes for some common processes.

Tax returns

We’ll process any tax returns within 10 weeks from the date we receive them.

Tax credit claim form - IR526

We’ll process tax credit claim forms within 12 weeks from when we receive them. If you need to file an Individual tax return (IR3) for the same tax year, you’ll need to submit this before the tax credit claim form can be processed.

myIR secure mail

We’ll respond to any messages sent to us in myIR within 15 working days from when we receive them.

Technical referral

We’ll process any technical referrals within 4 working days.

GST registration

If you register for GST in myIR, we’ll process your registration within 5 working days. Alternatively, you can register over the phone and we’ll process your registration immediately.

GST return

Once you file a GST return, we’ll process it and any associated refunds within 15 working days.

IRD number application

Due to the number of applications we’re receiving at the moment, our processing time for IRD number applications may be slightly longer than usual. If you’ve applied for an IRD number, we’ll let you know when it’s been processed.

If your application is urgent, we’ll aim to process it within 48 hours.

If you’re applying for an IRD number for a new company, we’ll process it at the same time the company is registered.

Paper correspondence

We will process any paper correspondence within 30 days of receiving it.

Updated 28 June 2019

Partnerships and look-through companies’ income tax returns

Some tax intermediaries let us know that look-through companies weren’t being properly recognised when trying to file a Partnerships and look-through companies income tax return - IR7.

Rather than being processed as a Look-through company income/loss distribution - IR7L when filing online, myIR was incorrectly asking for information to complete a Partnership income/loss distribution - IR7P.

We have now resolved this issue.

Added 26 June 2019

Unread letter alert in myIR

We’ve fixed the issue where letters were showing as unread in myIR but were not visible in the Letters section. The alert will now show the correct number of letters unread.

When adding a new client to your workspace, you should mark all their historic letters as read. This will allow you to see new, unread letters as they arrive.

You can mark all letters as read by going into the Letters section of the Correspondence tab and clicking the Mark all as read button.

Added 13 June 2019

Student loan balance

As Student Loans accounts are still in our old system, there is limited information we can provide in myIR until they transfer to our new system in 2020. Individuals with a Student Loan can still access the same information in myIR by selecting the Student Loans account. Third parties (such as tax agents) can link to a client’s Student Loans account, but won’t be able to bring it into their workspace or access it via the client access tool on the Tax preparer tab in myIR.

We have however made it easier to view your client’s loan balance. Now, when running the all client transactions report for Student Loans, the loan balance will show onscreen in the header information.

If you’re an Owner or Administrator for your agency’s account, you can also find your clients’ Student Loan debt information in the client list report.

Added 10 June 2019

PAYE financials

We’re receiving feedback that financial information and transactions for PAYE are not showing immediately in myIR. As these are still being processed according to the due dates in our old tax system, PAYE financials are being processed monthly.

This means you and your clients will only see total monthly figures in myIR once the whole month has been processed. For large employers, this will be available after the 6th of the following month. For smaller employers, it will be after the 20th of the following month.

Once we start processing PAYE financials in our new tax system (in mid-2020), transactions will be available in myIR much closer to real-time.

Added 5 June 2019

Penalties and interest

When you make a payment or transfer (including tax pooling transfers) the penalties and interest for converted periods (like 2018 income tax) will not update automatically in myIR. You don’t need to take any further action and it will be updated by us within one month.

For 2019 and future years this will not be a problem.

Added 5 June 2019

Unable to register an account

Some tax intermediaries have been unable to register a client for a new account in myIR. This may be because that client had that account previously but it has since ceased.

If this happens to you, call us and we can register them for you.

Added 24 May 2019

2018 income tax returns

We’re still processing some tax returns submitted to us before 18 April. Some of these returns have not moved to our new system yet. As such, they're showing as Overdue rather than Processing.

We’re working to process these returns as quickly as possible. Once they’re processed, you’ll see their status in myIR change from Overdue to Complete.

You will not face any late penalties if you’ve filed your tax returns on time. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Added 21 May 2019