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Find out about our solutions to common issues you may encounter with our new website and myIR.

Top issues and solutions for tax intermediaries

We want to keep you updated on any issues with our new website and myIR Secure Online Services as they arise. When we become aware of common issues affecting tax agents, we’ll update this page with a brief summary of the issue, any workarounds we’ve found, and our progress towards resolving it.

If you can’t find any information on your issue here, please check our archived issues and solutions or contact your account manager.

Amend provisional tax amount

We have now fixed an issue that was preventing you from manually amending the provisional tax amount to $0.00 when filing a GST return.

You can read more about the resolved issue on our archived issues and solutions page.

Updated 17 May 2019

Debt letters

We’ve had several queries about the letters some tax agents have received regarding their clients’ debt.

When we send debt information directly to customers, we’ll send out one message summarising their debt for all accounts and periods.

Since 26 April 2019, tax agents who receive mail on behalf of their clients will receive a separate debt letter for each account and period. This may result in tax agents receiving a letter or web message for each of a client’s in-debt accounts. If you’re unsure of the amount of debt a client owes, you can see their total period and account balance through myIR.

We’re continuously looking at ways to simplify and reduce the number of letters we send.

Added 13 May 2019

Income summary

Tax deducted

We’re aware that the income summary in myIR doesn’t show whether tax deducted is PAYE or withholding tax (for schedular payments).

If you file an IR3 for a client onscreen in myIR, this information will prepopulate into the return.

If you use E-File, it will prepopulate into the returns once the summary of earnings is issued on 10 May. Alternatively, you can view this information in the onscreen form or by looking for the tax code in the monthly detail break down.

ACC levy

We’re aware that you're unable to see the tax paid and ACC levy in the income summary. We’re working on a solution to this and will let you know once it’s in place.

We’re continuing to work on better ways to provide this information to you.

Updated 8 May 2019

Processing timeframes

Due to the recent changes to our system, some of our processing timeframes have changed as well. Here are the current expected timeframes for some common processes.

Tax returns

We’ll process any tax returns within 10 weeks from the date we receive them.

Tax credit claim forms (formerly Donations rebates)

We’ll process tax credit claim forms within 12 weeks from when we receive them. If you need to file an IR3 for the same tax year, you’ll need to submit this before the tax credit claim form can be processed.

myIR secure mail

We’ll respond to any messages sent to us through myIR within 15 working days from when we receive them.

Technical referral

We’ll process any technical referrals within 4 working days.

GST registration

If you register for GST through myIR, we’ll process your registration within 5 working days. Alternatively, you can register over the phone and we’ll process your registration immediately.

GST return

Once you file a GST return, we’ll process it and any associated refunds within 15 working days.

IRD number application

Due to the number of applications we’re receiving at the moment, our processing time for IRD number applications may be slightly longer than usual. If you’ve applied for an IRD number, we’ll let you know when it’s been processed.

If your application is urgent, we’ll aim to process it within 48 hours.

If you’re applying for an IRD number for a new company, we’ll process it at the same time the company is registered.

Paper correspondence

We will process any paper correspondence within 60 days of receiving it.

Updated 8 May 2019

Imputation tax credits

We’ve heard from some tax agents that it’s currently difficult to find imputation credits (ICA) closing balances from previously filed returns.

We’re currently working on updating the client list report, which is available to tax agent owners and administrators in the “Tax preparer” tab in myIR, to include the ICA closing balance.

Keep an eye on this page for updates on this change.

Added 3 May 2019

Webinars and seminars

You can review our webinars, on demand, with our final update on the changes for tax agents and bookkeepers.

You can also download a copy of the slides from our recent seminar series for tax agents and bookkeepers.

Added 3 May 2019