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Now is the time — Get set up to use AIM for the upcoming tax year.

The accounting income method (AIM)

AIM is an alternative provisional tax option provided through software with MYOB, Reckon APS and Xero.

It's a cash flow game changer - if you do not make a profit you will not have to pay provisional tax.

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Hear how Raquel has helped her clients benefit from AIM.

1. Check if AIM is right for you

AIM is designed for businesses with less than $5m turnover that want more certainty about their tax by having payments match their cash flow.

Check out our video about who AIM is for

2. Get advice

We recommend that you talk it over with your tax professional or software provider.

3. Get AIM-capable software

MYOB, Reckon APS and Xero already have AIM functionality.

Check your software and contact your software provider for more details.

If you're a new business, you can start using AIM straight away.

If you're an existing business and want to use AIM, get set up in your accounting software and file before:

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