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Due date for income tax returns
7 July

7 July is the due date for filing income tax returns if you don't have a tax agent with a valid extension of time.

You may need to file a return if you are self-employed, run a company or have worked for cash

Do you have income from property, partnerships, trusts or from overseas?

If you have income that hasn't been taxed, or if you've received schedular payments, then you need to send us a tax return by 7 July unless you have an extension of time through your tax agent, or have an approved change in balance date.

Please phone us on 0800 377 774 if:

  • you received a taxpack but don't think you need to send a return
  • there's a reason you can't send us your return on time.

If you’ve been sent a taxpack but don't file a return or contact us by 7 July you may be charged a late filing penalty.

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Personal tax summaries (PTS)

We automatically send you a PTS in July if you:

  • received Working for Families Tax Credits
  • have a student loan and haven't had enough money deducted from your income
  • used the wrong tax code, or
  • used a special tax code.

If you haven't received one by the end of July you can request a PTS online.

Do you need to request a PTS?

You can check if you need to request a PTS by using our online questionnaire.

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