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Tax rate estimation tool (for contractors)

Use this tool:

  • if you're an individual or company receiving schedular payments
  • to help estimate your tax rate for schedular payments being received on or after 1 April 2017.

You'll need to have details of, or estimate your:

  • total gross schedular payments
  • expenses relating to schedular payments
  • other taxable income you may receive during the year, eg salary or wages, self-employed income, interest or dividends, and
  • expenses relating to the other income.

Take note of the "Suggested tax rate" on the summary page. If you want to use this rate enter it on the Tax rate notification for contractors (IR330C) form you give to the person who pays you (your payer).

You may want to print off the result or save it as a PDF or RTF document.

Don't use this tool if:

  • you're a non-resident entertainer or sportsperson visiting New Zealand - your tax rate is 20%
  • you want to estimate a tax rate for an entity other than an individual or company, eg, partnership, trust, or
  • you have a special tax rate certificate. You must use the tax rate on your certificate unless you want to change the rate due to a change in circumstances.

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