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GST adjustments calculation sheet (IR372)

(published August 2010)

About this worksheet

A worksheet to use if you are making any calculated adjustments on your GST return.

PDF | 56kb | 1 page

When to use this worksheet

Use this worksheet to make any calculated adjustments on your GST return (GST101), using the GST guide (IR375). For more complex or less common adjustments refer to the GST plus (IR546) guide.

What you will need

You will need:

  • your GST registration number
  • the GST guide (IR375).
  • the GST plus (IR546) guide.
After you finish

Once you have calculated the total credit adjustments:

  • copy the total adjustments to Box 9 on your GST return (GST101)
  • copy the total credit adjustments to Box 13 on your GST return (GST101)
  • attach this worksheet to your copy of the GST return, and
  • keep full details on how these items have been calculated.