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Calculating child support (IR150) - 2014

(published February 2013)

About this worksheet

Information about how child support is worked out and how much the living allowances are. For use in the 2014 assessment year (1/4/2013 - 31/3/2014).

PDF | 93kb | 1 page

When to use this worksheet

Child Support uses a four-step process to work out how much child support is payable under a formula assessment.

You can use this worksheet to help you:

  • work out approximately how much child support you would pay under a formula assessment, or
  • see how we've worked out your current assessment.
What you will need

You'll need:

  • your taxable income for the year, and
  • the number of children we have assessed you to pay child support for.
After you finish

This calculation is a guideline only. This does not take into account estimations of income, multiple shared custody, split custody or special circumstances.

If you feel your calculation differs from what we have sent you in your assessment letter, please call us on 0800 221 221 to discuss your assessment.