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Work out your tax code

About this decision tree

Use this decision tree to work out your correct tax code. Your employer uses your tax code to work out how much tax to take out of your salary or wage.

Use of this tool does not result in data being submitted to us.

When to use this decision tree

It's a good idea to check your tax code when you:

  • start a new job
  • think you may start or stop being eligible for the independent earner tax credit (IETC)
  • have more than one job, so your total annual income moves into a different tax bracket
  • have a student loan, so you need to start making repayments because your annual income goes over the student loan repayment threshold, or
  • have paid off your student loan, so you no longer need to make repayments.

If you don't use the correct tax code you might get a bill at the end of the the year.

What you will need

Details of any income you've earned at any time during the tax year - 1 April to 31 March.

After you finish

This decision tree will help you find the correct tax code you should use.

You may need to fill out a Tax code declaration form (IR330) and give to your employer.


No information you provide while using this decision tree is recorded, saved or in any way referenced by Inland Revenue.